A December to Remember


December was a great combination of productive work and spending time with those I love. I was able to complete Moderation and Nature while transitioning to my new living space on a piece of land where I am starting a homestead with my brother and a friend. We spent the second half of December working on the homestead and seeing the progress was very motivating. I also had the opportunity to spend several days with my family and my grandmother eating good home-cooked food and playing all sorts of games.

Best Meals

I had another great month of delicious meals so choosing the top three was not easy again, I landed on the three seen below. The first is a filet of barramundi with a side of creamed kale and sauteed squash. I have recently been eating a lot of salmon because love it and discovering that other delicious fish also exist was pretty incredible. The second picture is quickly becoming a staple snack for me and is carrots dipped in a simple guac, mainly seasoned avocadoes. The final meal was an ancho chicken soup topped with feta and some seeds. It was pretty chilly the day I made this and after working outside on the land, being warmed up from the inside was an incredible feeling.


  • Seeing Lani and Fiona for the first time, they are the goats seen in the pictures below, was incredible. I quickly fell in love with them and cannot wait to see our little herd grow! (Lani is due in March)
  • Spending time with my family over the holidays was very special. I am grateful they are all healthy and have the time to come together and enjoy each other’s company.
  • Setting up my room with a fresh coat of paint and covering the wall with paintings was awesome. It has been a busy past few weeks but I am starting to feel more and more at home as I start my new adventure.

Phatasic Photos

Upcoming in The New Year

We have a great deal of work to do on our homestead and we plan to continue pushing forward into the new year. The goats are very happy eating all the overgrown areas in the back of our land and in addition to them, we plan to add much to our little operation including runner ducks, chickens, bees, a vegetable and herb garden, fruit trees, and mushrooms. I have some personal goals for the year including making my first album and getting certified in yoga instruction. The year is already of to a quick start and I cannot wait for what is to come!

Make Today Your Best Day Yet!

“Life is a series of fresh starts, the frequency of use is up to the individual”

~Zak Keller aka amusingmonk~

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