Internalized Expectations

I grew up with the mindset that being successful in life depended on some obvious and concrete factors; your success in school, how prestigious your college was, your career, income, and spousal success. Things that society could see and judge without having to know you on a deeper level. The one that influenced me the... Continue Reading →

Aaand August is Over

Overview The month of August was one of the best months of my life in a long time. I found a renewed interest in bettering myself and reflecting on the way I spend my time. I spent the time instilling three of the eleven planned values that I want to be at the core of... Continue Reading →


The first value I chose to focus on is Acceptance. This will be the first post of eleven containing each of the values mentioned in the July Flying By Post and therefore the content and format may update as I develop the process of recording my activities and thoughts into posts so bear with me!... Continue Reading →

July Flying By

Early Morning Calm This will be the first post with my new monthly format. I spent much of this month preparing and getting inspiration to complete my 90 day transformation. This will involve following through with an idea I had at the beginning of 2020 but never committed to and completed. I have picked 11... Continue Reading →

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