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I have taken a long break from this site but will be jumping back in this next month with some updates on my life and begin a consistent weekly posts so stay tuned!

Updates on my exploration of my mind, my journey in creating a sustainable homestead, and any other adventures.

This site was created to help catalog my life and the discoveries I make as I explore both my inner reality through meditation, lucid dreaming, and dream yoga and my outer reality through sustainable agriculture on a homestead.

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Jumping through January

Overview The start of the year is a ripe time for new habits, new goals, and a new you. It is often the time to take a good long look at yourself and decide where changes are necessary. However, calendars and time are all constructed by the societies we reside in, and in reality, we…


The final value I will be exploring is Nurture. Being nurturing is often associated with mothers and caregivers. While being nurturing is especially important in these roles, everyone can benefit greatly from becoming more nurturing not just to others but also to themselves. I greatly enjoyed working to better understand what it means to be…


I spent a while learning about the definition of Modesty and the subtle differences between it and humility. The clearest difference I found was modesty focuses more on protecting others’ egos and is intentional and external while humility is about subduing one’s own ego and is effortless and internal (Source). I believe the ideal I…

A December to Remember

Overview December was a great combination of productive work and spending time with those I love. I was able to complete Moderation and Nature while transitioning to my new living space on a piece of land where I am starting a homestead with my brother and a friend. We spent the second half of December…


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